The Beauty in Reflection

Fascinated by the art within a Kaleidoscope, I discovered it operates on the principle of multiple reflection. The light reflecting between these mirrors produces multiple virtual images of shard glass into symmetrical mosaic patterns of stunning beauty.

So, I started thinking about parenting. What are my children reflecting?  Is it beauty?  As parents, we reap what we sow, so what has been sown the last 23 years?  Based upon a biblical world view, I narrowed it down to three consistent principles:

  • Seek the Lord in all you do.
  • Go where the Lord leads.
  • Serve where you are placed.

So, I shouldn’t be surprised by the following statements:

” I need to pray fothe Lord’s guidance for my future.  I think I want to be a pediatric occupational therapist. 17-year old daughter.” (SEEK)

Or when my oldest child dreams of working for International Justice Mission to eliminate sex trafficking:

I think the Lord is allowing me to understand what it means to go as I study International Business and Forensic Accounting. Following the money is a way that I can work towards eliminating the sex trafficking industry.” (GO)

Or when my 19-year-old son tells me:

“I am going to college to study Aerospace Engineering,  join the Navy and serve our Country.” (SERVE)

Actions Speak Louder than Words.  As parents we have demonstrated this in the context of Seek, Go, & Serve the Lord.

My husband and I were married after college.  We have described our 23 year marriage as a journey but parenting our children has been an adventure. Amidst the joys of parenting, as well as, numerous unexpected twists and turns, three things have remained constant.

Seek the LordMatthew 6:33 Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness   Modeling prayer and the direction of the Holy Spirit- choices (doors) will be given by God and we need to walk as they are opened.  It is often the road less traveled. Ultimately, training our children that our decisions are often not popular, but SEEK the Lord and His will for your life.

GoIsaiah 6:8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord say, Whom shall I send? And I said, Here I am send me.  Excitement with a sprinkling of sadness comes the moment you leave a familiar place where you’re surrounded by friends and family. But, understanding that God called you on a different journey and the Holy Spirit will guide your every step, making the call to “Go” easier.   Recognizing that the safest place that you could be is not always the familiar, but rather going where God leads, knowing he holds you close.  So, with a sense of abandonment and freedom, we set upon God’s journey for our family.  Ultimately training our children to GO where God leads. Leading us as a family to pursue Him in Iowa, South Carolina, Texas and Brazil.

Serve- Joshua 24:15 Choose this day whom you will serve, but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.  When we were first married, we talked about a family verse.  We chose Joshua 24:15.  We understood that in order to teach our children to serve, we needed to serve. Serving the Lord is a joy and has many facets, but we have always emphasized that by serving others, we show the love of Christ. Training our children, to never question SERVING, only asking; when,  where and how.

So, as I continue to enjoy the beauty of a Kaleidoscope, I will be gently reminded that my children will reflect what we teach them but light  of Christ that shines through each of us individually creates the true beauty.





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