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Note that we used the Under Armour UA Charged 24/7 Mid RFLT 6xNjdf
command to add the next point to a plot. This command moves the current plot pen to the point that has an X coordinate equal to 1 greater than the previously plotted X coordinate and a Y coordinate equal to the value given in the plot command (in the first case, the number of turtles, and in the second case, the number of green patches). As the pens move they each draw a line.

You can now watch the plot being drawn as the model is running. Your plot should have the general shape of the one below, though your plot might not look exactly the same.

Remember that we left “Auto Scale?” on. This allows the plot to readjust itself when it runs out of room.

If you forget which pen is which, you can edit the plot and check the “Show legend?” checkbox.

You might try running the model several times to see what aspects of the plot are the same and which are different from run to run.

To make comparisons between plots from one model run and another, it is often useful to do the comparison for the same length of model run. Learning how to stop or start an action at a specific time can help make this happen by stopping the model at the same point each model run. Keeping track of how many times the go procedure is run is a useful way to cue these actions. That’s what the tick counter does.

You’re already using the tick counter in your model, with the reset-ticks and tick commands, which also trigger plotting.

You can also use the tick counter for other things, such as to set a limit on the total length of a run.

Change the go procedure:

Now setup and run the model.

The graph and model won’t keep running forever. They should stop automatically when the tick counter in the Interface tab’s toolbar reaches 500.

The Dr Martens 1461 3Eye Shoe Womens hijSa7o7h
command advances the tick counter by 1. ticks is a reporter which reports the current value of the tick counter. reset-ticks , in your setup procedure, takes care of restarting the tick counter at 0 when a new run is set up and ready to begin.

First, instead of always using 100 turtles, you can have a varying number of turtles.

Test this change and compare how having more or fewer turtles initially affect the plots over time.

Second, wouldn’t it be nice to adjust the energy the turtles gain and lose as they eat grass and reproduce?

And, inside of reproduce , make this change:

Finally, what other slider could you add to vary how often grass grows back? Are there rules you can add to the movement of the turtles or to the newly hatched turtles that happen only at certain times? Try writing them.

So now you have a simple model of an ecosystem. Patches grow grass. Turtles wander, eat the grass, reproduce, and die.

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Article Commentary Clinical Case Study
JoDell E. Whittington , Hoai D. Pham , Melinda Procter , David G. Grenache , Rong Mao
DOI: 10.1373/clinchem.2011.163782 Published February 2012
JoDell E. Whittington
Hoai D. Pham
Melinda Procter
David G. Grenache
Rong Mao

A 19-year-old Asian male with no notable medical history presented to the emergency department with a 12-h history of acute abdominal pain. The patient's condition was diagnosed as acute appendicitis, and he underwent an emergent laparoscopic appendectomy. A 1-mg dose of vecuronium followed by 120 mg of succinylcholine was administered to induce paralysis and facilitate endotracheal intubation.

The progression of the patient's muscle relaxation was monitored intraoperatively with a train-of-four twitch monitor and was marked by fewer stimuli making it across the neuromuscular junction. In general surgeries, a neuromuscular block down to 2 twitches is adequate for rapid sequence induction. Normally, a dose of 0.5–2 mg succinylcholine per kilogram body weight completely abolishes the muscle response to nerve stimulation. Within 2 to 2.5 min, the neuromuscular junction starts to show signs of recovery, or twitches. In this case, the patient was administered 1.7 mg/kg succinylcholine. After the appendectomy was completed, however, the patient uncharacteristically remained paralyzed for 1.75 h. He showed no muscle twitches, no spontaneous inspiratory efforts, and no protective airway reflexes. He subsequently required sedation and assisted ventilatory support.


What are the pharmacodynamic properties of succinylcholine?

What is the role of butyrylcholinesterase in the pharmacokinetics of succinylcholine?

What conditions can cause delayed recovery from succinylcholine administration?

What additional testing should be used to further evaluate this patient?

Cholinesterases are enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis of choline esters. Acetylcholinesterase is distributed in the gray matter of the central nervous system, where it terminates synaptic transmission by specifically hydrolyzing the neurotransmitter acetylcholine ( Ben ShermanMadison Perf fWWl9JaD
, 2 ). Butyrylcholinesterase (BChE), Jessica SimpsonRoxelle GfTLNeOF
also known as pseudocholinesterase, is distributed in the white matter of the central nervous system and in the blood. Although it has no known physiological function, BChE is of pharmacologic and toxicologic importance ( Shellys London Elsie Platform Sneaker WA4gkOpCJf
). Unlike acetylcholinesterase, BChE is capable of hydrolyzing exogenous carboxylic or phosphoric acid esters found in succinylcholine, aspirin, mivacurium, ester-type local anesthetics, amitriptyline, cocaine, heroin, and several anticonvulsant drugs ( 3 ).

HarleyDavidsonHarland BvEIfU9
/ avaTax

The concept of committing a transaction is necessary to separate preliminary estimates from final sales. Many types of connectors exist, for example:

Here’s how to implement commit for each of these scenarios.

Direct Commit

For software that considers all transactions final, you will create a transaction directly using the "commit": "true" flag in the CreateTransaction API call.

Creating transactions directly in Committed status is covered in Chapter 2 - Transactions .

For software that permits transactions to be verified after creation, transactions are created with the Commit flag set to false. Transactions that have not been committed are stored with the status code Saved. They are considered to be provisional; they will not be reported to a tax authority until they have been verified.

Your back-end system should provide a way for your management team to review Saved transactions and perform reconciliation. A good way to design a verification process for a back-end systems team is to call Merrell Siren Q2 Mid Waterproof wyvYrNY
and pass in the parameter $filter=status eq Saved . This API call will list all transactions for your company that have not yet finished reconciliation, and you can use this to display a queue of transactions to be reconciled.

When a transaction has been reconciled and is final, your software will use the CommitTransaction API call to mark the transaction as committed. Here’s how to commit a transaction:

Now that you have this process in place, let’s verify that your connector can set up a one-stage transaction correctly. This test case is required only for connectors that use one-stage reconciliation.

Test Case - 4.1.1

Some companies prefer to have multiple stages of reconciliation. In this case, a transaction can go through three statuses: Saved , Posted , and Committed .

The three stages work as follows:

In the two-stage reconciliation process, additional verification features are available. When you call GENTLE SOULS Eliott Block Heel Loafer ryW2Sd
, you can optionally choose to assert that the transaction’s amount matches an amount in a different ledger. Here’s how the VerifyTransaction API call works:

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