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If you think of spaces as folders, then pages are what you fill those folders with.

In Confluence, you and your team can work on pages together. You can write at the same time, track changes, and give each other feedback.

Pages are more than just words: you can also add macros like calendars, activity streams, and roadmaps to create powerful and dynamic pages that let you plan events, track sprint progress, maintain a knowledge base, and more.

You can create a page from anywhere in Confluence—just hit in the sidebar and you're ready to go.

Parent page Page templates

Once you decide on a blank page or template, you can start adding content to your page.

Can't create a page or blog?

To create a page or blog post, you need the Add Blog or Add page permissions for that space.

You and up to 11 teammates canedit a page togetherin real time in Confluence.Changes save and sync automatically, so that everyone editing sees the same thing.

Invite to edit: Avatars

If you've started scribbling and you're not quite sure if you're going to do anything with it, you can just close the editor without publishing. Confluence autosaves as you go, so thiscreatesadraft–an unpublished page or blog post that you can get back to at any timeby heading to Your work > Recently worked on from your sidebar. Drafts display a draft badgenext to their titles.

Your work Recently worked on

We recommendonly keeping your work as a draft when it's in a very early stage. This is because changes can't be tracked in a draft, and you can't roll back to previous editing sessions - both of which you can do for published pages.

Instead, it's recommended you publish your page even while it's in mid-work, and do one of the following:

Use a Nine West Fifth Pump Womens MkILzg
to mark your page:
sleep deprivation 8. Beneficial for Infant and Child Development

It seems that infancy and childhood are some of the most important periods of time in a person’s life to get plenty omega-3s in their diet, probably because of the amount of long-chain fatty acids found in the brain and retina. It’s crucial for developing babies and children to get a good amount of DHA and EPA so their brains and eyes develop fully and properly. ()

Pregnant moms need to be particularly aware of this, because children with mothers supplemented with omega-3s during pregnancy score better on mental processing, psychomotor, hand-eye coordination and audial processing tests at nine months and four years of age. These children also seem to have lowered ADHD risk. (, , )

While breast milk is a great source of omega-3 fats for nursing infants (as long as mom is getting a lot herself), formulas don’t always contain enough of the nutrient. DHA-fortified formula, on the other hand, can help formula-fed babies with both visual and cognitive development. ()

breast milk

It’s possible that supplementing with EPA and DHA could even help prevent cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorders and asthma in some children. (, , )

9. May Fight Menstrual Pain

MUK LUKS Sage Peep Toe Wedge Sandal Womens AMT1pLfIFa
affect about 75 percent of menstruating women and, for some of them, become debilitating and affect work or home life. However, research shows that supplementing with omega-3s significantly affects menstrual symptoms, making them milder. (, )

PMS cramp s

In fact, one study comparing ibuprofen and fish oil supplements during adolescent PMS found that the supplement actually worked better to relieve menstrual pain than the standard medication. ()

10. Linked to Lowered Macular Degeneration Risk

Your retina contains quite a bit of DHA, making it necessary for that fatty acid to function. () The National Eye Institute, part of the National Institutes of Health, concludes that there is “consistent evidence” suggesting long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids DHA and EPA are necessary for retinal health and may help protect the eyes from disease. ()

In particular, high omega-3 levels are significantly correlated with a lower risk of age-related FryeBrett SlipOn Xv2J2
, the leading cause of blindness in those over 60 years old. (, )

macular degeneration 11. Support Healthy Skin Slow Aging

In some of the same ways omega-3 fatty acids protect your bone density , they can also help your skin stay beautiful from the inside out. DHA and EPA both benefit your skin by managing oil production and naturally slowing aging . ()

Categories on the AppStore and the MacAppStore help users discover new apps to fit their needs. Learn how to choose the most accurate and effective categories for your app.

Where Categories Are Displayed

You can assign two categories to your app — a primary and a secondary category. The primary category you select is particularly important for your app’s discoverability on the AppStore. This will be the category in which the app appears when users browse the AppStore or filter search results, and it determines placement on the Apps tab or Games tab on the AppStore in iOS 11.

For Mac apps, the primary category you select is also the category in which the app appears when users browse the MacAppStore or filter search results, and it determines placement in the Categories tab on the MacAppStore in macOS 10.14.

Choosing a Primary Category

Let’s say you have a photo-sharing social networking app. For the AppStore, you could choose either Photo Video or Social Networking as your primary category. To decide which category will best serve your app, consider the following:

Make sure that the category you choose accurately reflects your app’s core experience. Choosing categories that are not appropriate for your app is against the AppStore Review Guidelines.

Your app’s purpose. Where users naturally look for an app like yours. Which categories contain the same type of apps as yours.

Special Cases

Apps for kids. If you have an app designed for kids ages 11 and under, select the Made for Kids checkbox in AppStoreConnect and choose an appropriate age band (5 and under, 6–8, or 9–11). Your app must comply with the App Review Guidelines for Kids apps and will go through review to be approved for the Kids category on the App Store. In addition to the Kids category, your app can be discovered in another primary and secondary category (for example: Games, Entertainment, or Education).

Games. If your app is a game, you can choose up to two Games subcategories. Users can find your app by browsing the subcategories on the AppStore and in the Games subcategory charts. If you don’t know which subcategory best suits your game, research the types of games in each before making your selection.

Stickers. On the AppStore for iMessage, you can assign your sticker pack app to a category called Stickers, or to another primary category that best describes your app. If you use the Stickers category, you can also select a Stickers subcategory. Standalone sticker pack apps are not displayed in categories on the AppStore for iPhone and iPad — they are discoverable only in search results. Categories for iOS app with iMessage extensions are taken from the iOS app and are used on the AppStore for iPhone, iPad, and iMessage. For more details on the different types of iMessage apps and extensions, read iMessages + Apps .

Building a Business in the Kids Category

Originator shares its approach to building a sustainable business in the Kids category and how it got the word out about its Endless apps.

Compare Categories

Explore and compare categories to see which best describes your app.

Apps that provide extensive interactivity for content that is traditionally offered in printed form. If you are planning a more traditional reading experience, you may want to look at publishing an iBook instead.

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