There’s No Place Like Home…


There’s no place like Home….

The clicking of the Ruby Red Slippers, and the iconic phrase “There’s No Place Like Home”, the scene in the Wizard of Oz that represents Dorothy had in her possession what she needed all along to get back to the place she loved and missed so dearly; Kansas.

Needless to say, it made quite an impression upon me, as a new wife, when I realized that “There is no place like home” might not have been the reality for my marriage.  Questioning whether or not, I actually had in my possession what I needed to to make my house a home. The bliss that catapulted two lives through the first year diminished over the course of the second. Assumptions and arguments defined our home and stress surrounded this familiar environment. The harshness of reality left little time for dreams to be shared and new love to grow.

We understood something needed to change and so, as a couple, we set a new course of action and began to move forward. Assumptions became questions; arguments became discussions. The cornerstone of stress and self-determination was exchanged for reliance on God’s love and strength. Twenty years later, we have nurtured a once turbulent house into an ever-steady home which conjures thoughts of open arms and strong embraces.

For Dorothy, her resolve came when she repeated three times those infamous words… “There’s no place like home” and realized that her friends where right by her bedside when she awoke in Kansas. Now, in our home, I can’t guarantee putting on a pair of ruby slippers and wishing away a problem will solve anything, but I can promise, as a family we each have in our possession what makes our house a home:

  1. Home is where we chose to help lighten the burdens of each other  so that the pressures of being a young adult will subside momentarily.
  2. Home is the place where the most valuable gift you can give to another is their own personal space, while letting them define their own moments of connectivity.
  3. Home is the place where the “child within” is welcomed, even though the outside world expects you to always step up.
  4. Home is a place where our true self is seen, transparency is embraced and we celebrate the beauty of individuality.
  5. Finally, Home is the place where familiarity is welcomed, security a priority and where love and forgiveness outweigh any transgressions of the world.

There is No Place Like Home







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